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LisbonBreaks was created to provide you with short and long term rentals, in a modern and welcoming environment, so that you feel at home.

We unite tradition and youth, we care  with quality and innovation, exceeding our customers' expectations and offering our utmost attention.

Headquartered in Lisbon, at Rua dos Anjos, Lisbonbreaks manages a network of apartments that are distinguished by their variety.

Fully furnished and with free internet.

We have T0/Studios to apartments with capacity for up to 30 people, distributed in the areas of Anjos, Intendente, Castelo, Bairro Alto, Santa Apolónia, Paço de Arcos, Carcavelos, and Parede.

Our apartments are ideal for guests who come for leisure or for work.

tree terrace leverpool-27.jpg
arroios chic-36.jpg
home office


Angel's Chic Duplex
Apolónia 4 F
Apolónia 4E
Pombal Terrace
Downtown Boutique
António Pedro
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